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Upholstery Cleaning

Over time your upholstery gets dirty. Dirt from our hands, food or drink spills can take a real toll on the upholstery, not to mention all the love our children or pets give these pieces of furniture. The best way to clean upholstery is to take care of a stain as soon as possible and not let it penetrate into the material. With that being said, at some time all of our upholstered pieces should be cleaned to extend the life of the fabric regardless if there are obvious stains.

Elite Carpet Care will come to your home and first identify the exact type of fabric that needs to be cleaned (we clean all fabrics, including Haitian cottons). The specially formulated carbonated solution used on your furniture is gentle, quick-drying (1-2 hours) and eco-friendly move the dirt, dust, sun-tan oils, pet dander and other pollutants covering the upholstered items. We combine a balance of ingredients to produce the carbonated bubbles (solution) that cleans thoroughly, quickly and safely. Dirt particles that penetrate deep within your furniture can cause pre-mature aging.

However, this innovative carbonated solution that Elite Carpet Care's trained experts use has been said that it is like giving your upholstery a refreshing mineral bath. Let our technicians get the job done quickly and efficiently - ensuring that everything is done right - without damaging the fabric or furniture.

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