Residential Fabric Protection

Fabric Protection

Stains, tears and normal wear in the fabric of a sofa or chair reduce the attractiveness and usable life of your upholstered furniture. While the fabrics on your upholstered pieces are often treated with chemicals in the factory to protect against stains and wear, these wear off over time. That is why Elite Carpet Care recommends the following:

1. One of the most proactive efforts you can take to protect the fabric of your upholstered pieces is to clean promptly using the correct cleaning methods.

2. Vacuum the fabric regularly to avoid a buildup of dust, dirt, grime, pet dander and other pollutants covering the upholstered items that will eventually stain the fabric.

3. Clean the area where any stain has occurred with a clean cloth and water first, before resorting to stronger cleaners; it may come off with just water. Be sure to always test on a hard-to-see area for color fastness before using on a visible surface.

4. Treat hard-to-remove red wine stains with white wine or white wine vinegar before cleaning off with water or cleanser. Again, test this solution on a hard-to-see area for color fastness before using on a stain on a visible surface.

5. Dab off any moisture from the cleaned area of the sofa, and use a hairdryer on cool setting or fans to help it dry quickly. A moist area will attract dust, dirt and grime quickly, which means another cleaning and additional associated wear on that area of stained fabric. Repeatedly cleaning the same spot or allowing moisture to grow mold will reduce the longevity of the fabric

6. Give your upholstered pieces of furniture a proper cleaning twice a year by calling Elite Carpet Care. Our professionally trained technicians will be able to remove the natural dingy buildup and aid the longevity of the true fabric color. By using Elite's fabric protector on your upholstery, it will create an oil repellent barrier on the surface of your upholstered pieces.

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