Commercial Carpet Repairs

Commercial Carpet Repairs

It is a fact that the appearance of your office or company is a direct reflection on how the business is doing. If your carpets are not smooth, you may need to have them stretched and repaired. Elite Carpet Care will re-stretch loose carpet (ripples, waves, buckles) due to a variety of reasons. Usually, we have found that, in most offices there will be give (or loosening) of the carpet(s), due to heavily trafficed areas. Obviously this can be a liability to your company - you don't want anyone falling due to a bump in the carpet. Let our highly-skilled technicians take the play out of the carpet quickly and efficiently, without interrupting your work day.

The technique we use actually gives the carpet a face lift, so to speak, by stretching out the carpet so it is flat in all areas of the office or company. Some of you may remember your father or grandfather being able to re-stretch the carpet with a tool called a knee kicker. I'm sure this tool is still used today, but not as a replacement for a power stretcher. Wrinkled, loose carpets are not only unsightly they are a nuisance that can cause you to trip when you walk across them.

Sometimes even properly installed carpeting will wrinkle. But more than likely, it is from improperly installed carpet, high traffic areas, carpet materials or even carpet cleaning methods. Regardless of the reason your carpeting is buckling or wrinkling, the expert's at Elite Carpet Care will be happy to come to the rescue. Many expert repair estimates can often be given over the phone. One call - one visit - and that unsightly bump in the carpet will be gone. We have maintained the highest level of customer-satisfaction in stretching and repairing carpets and our prices are second to none. Elite Carpet Care gets the job done right the first time. So give us a call today for a free estimate to see if your carpet can be repaired instead of having it replaced in order to save you time and money.

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