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A clean carpet is a long lasting carpet. At Elite Carpet Care we understand the process of preserving your carpets integrity to extend its life. With 10 years of experience, we have honed our skills and mastered the technique of textile cleaning and restoration. We use the most sophisticated carpet cleaning equipment available. We specialize in residential and commercial carpets, upholstery, drapery, tile and wood floor sanitizing, along with all types of damage cleaning and restoration caused by water, fire and mold.

Elite Carpet Care is a bonded, certified company located in Las Vegas, Nevada adhering to the IICRC code of ethics and the industry standards. Elite Carpet Care's up-front estimates and prices include all costs of the pre-conditioning and services to eliminate any “charge surprises” at completion. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We treat our customers like we would treat our own family - which is why all of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Carpet Cleaning

We have carpeting in our living room, den, bedroom and sometimes our bathroom - these carpets can become filthy without us realizing to what extent. We spill food, drinks, makeup and art projects, not to mention the dirt and grime from the outside we (and our pets) track onto the carpets daily. When carpets are not cleaned properly it's a reflection on the homeowner or business. Regular vacuuming helps prolong the life of your carpet, but is it really clean? Here at Elite Carpet Care, we take the job of restoring your carpets to a fresh new look seriously, giving you the peace of mind that your carpets are completely clean and healthy for your family or business. This is always our standard.

Upholstery Cleaning

Let our qualified technicians select the safest and most effective way to restore the upholstered pieces, needed to be cleaned, by first identifying the exact type of fabric (we clean all fabrics including Haitian cottons). Elite Carpet Care uses a specially formulated solvent for your furniture that is gentle, quick-drying and eco-friendly to remove the dirt, dust and other pollutants covering your upholstered items. Our experts ensure that everything is done right - without damaging the fabric or furniture.

Water Damage Services

It can happen at anytime... water damage! This could be due to a hard rain, burst pipe or washer overflowing - whatever the issue Don't Delay, reaction time is critical. Elite Carpet Care offers 24/7 Emergency Service. Our highly-trained technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), the most widely recognized and accepted certification program in the industry. Once they arrive, they will minimize the damage as soon as possible by pumping out the freestanding water and then extracting the water from your carpet, padding and upholstery. Air movers are set up to create evaporation and dehumidifier's to remove the moisture from the air. Elite Carpet Care will also work directly with your insurance company.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Services

We offer dry cleaning solvents (dry shampoo) for delicate rugs and upholstery to ensure that your belongings dry faster and cleaner. There will be times that a stubborn stain will need to be treated for a second or possibly third time (our technicians will return on the same day) in order to lift the stain. With the use of our specially formulated eco-friendly dry shampoo, we can guarantee you the best results possible to make your rugs and upholstery look and smell brand new.

Carpet Pre-Conditioning

Elite Carpet Care is an earth friendly business, using the premier techniques and non-toxic cleaning products in sanitizers, odor removers and degreasers; as well as using top notch cleaning machines to wash and pre-condition carpet, rugs, and upholstery. We employ the latest technology in carpet cleaning and pre-conditioning to provide you optimum satisfaction and a sense of well being.

Carpet Stretching and Repairing

Wrinkled, loose carpets are not only unsightly they are a nuisance that can cause you to trip when you walk across them. If your carpets are not smooth, you may need to have them stretched and repaired. This technique will actually give the carpet a face lift, so to speak, by stretching out the carpet so it is flat in all areas of the home or business. We have maintained the highest level of customer-satisfaction in stretching and repairing carpets and our prices are second to none. Elite Carpet Care gets the job done right the first time.

Drapery Cleaning

To provide the ultimate result, Elite Carpet Care uses steam or dry cleaning for perfect pleats in your draperies. The integration of quality work and dedication towards our customers have proven that our drapery cleaning is safe and effective, every time. Customer satisfaction is Elite Carpet Care's number one goal when it comes to drapery cleaning.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We offer Free Pick Up and Delivery of all oriental rugs. Our highly-trained technicians understand that these rugs are an investment and that is why we take extra care in handling them. With the proper care and cleaning of an oriental rug they can last a lifetime. So don't try and handle the job of spot-cleaning your rugs that could possibly damage your investment, leave the cleaning to our professionals - the results speak for themselves. With the convenience of Free Pick Up and Delivery and our proven results, it's obvious why Elite Carpet Care has been rated #1 in Las Vegas, Neveda for Oriental Rug Cleaning. Call us today.

Pet Odor Removal

We understand that pets are part of the family; however, when they have "accidents" on the carpeting, it can create many challenges. Urine penetrates through the rug fiber into the padding and will absorb into the flooring. Even though you may have cleaned up the stain, the odor can linger and possibly become stronger over a period of time. You may also notice that this odor becomes stronger when there is a change in the weather. We provide Pet Odor Removal services along with various other odor control services such as smoke, musty odor from mold and mildew, etc., to get your home smelling like new, call us today. Elite Carpet Care professionals know how to rid your home of these unpleasant odors.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning the tile floors with a mop and bucket or even by hand (with the latest and greatest product advertised) can certainly help the appearance of your tile floors, but they are not truly clean. Grout is a porous material absorbing spills, dirt and grime, which over time, can lead to discoloration. Adding to this, some tile floors are not properly sealed or possibly microscopic cracks have formed due to aging, giving even more access for absorption. Our trained technicians at Elite Carpet Care will inspect what will be the best treatment to restore the luster in your tile and grout and get your floors sparkling like new. All of our cleaning products and techniques used are organic and eco-friendly for your peace of mind.

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